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session prep | wardrobe guide

So you've booked your session. Now what? Deciding on what to wear can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be! Here is where I will provide you with all the insight you will need to ensure you look your best for your session. I'll also cover what you need to know before your session even begins. Below you will find a few of my favorite color palettes. Click on the links to view my Pinterest boards for more ideas!

Aubrey Lofgren Photography-Minneapolis F
Aubrey Lofgren Photography-Minneapolis F

When planning outfits for your family, you'll want to coordinate all colors & patterns as if you were pulling together ONE outfit. Contrast is pleasing to the eye. For example, pair a light top with darker bottoms & vice versa. If you are wearing a darker top, put a lighter top on your partner. Patterns should be used sparingly & you'll definitely want to avoid big, bold, wild patterns & tiny stripes. It's common to want to match everyone exactly. For example, everyone wearing jeans & white tees but I strongly advise against this as it will give your photos an outdated look & everyone will tend to blend together. Especially in fall/winter, LAYER, LAYER, LAYER. Different textures & materials not only keep you warm but look great while creating visual interest. Some of my favorite brands to shop for sessions are Target, Zara, H&M & Joyfolie.

For Ladies: Gowns are available for use for both maternity & non-maternity sessions. Don't wear a brightly colored bra. Nude colored is best. For maternity sessions or if you've chosen to wear a gown from my collection, you will need all nude undergarments, bra should be strapless, & shapewear is recommended especially if choosing a more fitted gown from my client closet. Make sure that your nails are either free of polish or have a fresh coat. Details matter! A beautiful or fun piece of statement jewelry can really bring your style game up a notch. A great pair of earrings or a necklace that brings out your main color is also a great choice! Now is also the perfect time to pamper yourself by having your hair & make-up done for your session. It takes stress off of you & who of us doesn't deserve a little pampering right!? If you decide to do your own hair & make-up, that's ok too! Remember to prep your hair accordingly to reduce fly-aways & frizz. Your make-up will need to be applied slightly heavier than normal to show up in photos. A classic look is always best in my opinion. Stick to more neutral, natural shades.

Aubrey Lofgren Photography-Minneapolis M
Aubrey Lofgren Photography-Minneapolis F

For Guys: Always match your socks to your bottoms. I.E. no white socks. Make sure your hands & nails are clean. This is especially important if you work outdoors, construction, or anything mechanical as your hands tend to get dirtier. My husband does HVAC so I can say from experience, he tends to come home with filthy hands lol. Before your session, be sure to empty your pockets. We don't want the outline of your phone, keys, wallet, etc on your pants. Come with a good attitude!! I know, I know. Most guys don't love having their photos taken. But remember how much you love your partner or your mom!! You are doing this for them & I promise you'll have fun!!

If you're getting a haircut, make sure it's at least a week before your session. I usually will remember to have bug spray in my car but it's also a good idea to apply it before your session. A lot of times we are in tall grass, fields, & generally buggy areas plus there's also tick season. Make sure you get enough rest the night before! This is even more important for family sessions with kiddos. Happy, rested kids & parents= beautiful portraits. For family sessions, please make sure everyone is fed beforehand & younger kiddos have napped if possible. I also suggest bringing snacks or you know...bribes. Nothing messy but hey, it's a great ace up your sleeve if your child is less than cooperative.

Aubrey Lofgren Photography-Minneapolis S

And of course....HAVE FUN!! We are going to have a blast! Families & kids, prepare to dance, play & cuddle. Seniors, it's all about you so bring your A-game & your fab personality & let's make some magic! Mamas-to-be, you're going to feel like a goddess! As always, I am here to help so feel free to text me pictures if you need outfit help. I will do my best to make suggestions & steer you in the right direction. Please arrive 15 minutes before your session is scheduled to start so that we can begin on time. I can't wait to see you!!

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