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Shilah | Children's Portrait Session | Minneapolis-Cambridge, MN Children's Photographer

My daughter is one of my biggest muses & always has been. Thankfully, she is usually up for a shoot as long as I allow her some of her own creative freedom lol! And of course, I have to pay her. She takes McDonald's as a form of payment though so I definitely feel I get the better end of the deal. It used to be toys but as she's gotten older, it's changed a bit. I guess I can't complain too much since my kiddos get fast food maybe once a month. I promise they eat veggies! This little patch of gorgeous is in Isanti, MN & I love the wildflowers that bloom there. I love exploring & finding new beautiful places to shoot sessions & many times, my kids come with me. It's something we can enjoy together, as well as getting out into nature & being able to take in the natural beauty around us!

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