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Dominic | Newborn Portrait Session | Minneapolis-Cambridge, MN Newborn Photographer

Baby D was 22 days new when he came in for his newborn session. I love that we were able to get both sleepy & awake poses. Older newborns are able to focus their eyes a little bit more so their awake shots are less cross-eyed than younger newborns. I am happy to take all newborns up to 8 weeks old. I know the pandemic has made it scarier for new parents to book a newborn session especially when their baby is so brand new! This gives them time to adjust & feel more comfortable taking their baby out. I do make parents aware that we may not get the sleepy poses that most parents are looking for but as you can see, it is possible! Most importantly, your baby runs the show! I will never force your baby into a certain pose so sometimes a baby will be more naturally posed in a session & that's ok! My main goal is to capture your newborn's newness, their tiny features, their squish so that you have tangible memories of a time that goes by much too quickly! Before you know it, those delicate newborn features are gone!


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