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Harrison & Olivia | Children's Portrait Session | Minneapolis Children's Photographer

I was swooning over these two little faces!! Harrison was the sweetest big brother & he worked so hard trying to get his little sister to smile & laugh! It just warmed my heart to watch them together. I always try to keep my sessions with littles fun & positive. Sometimes it requires me asking parents to step away & let me have a quiet moment with their child. Kids usually love to be little helpers so I like to give them some control by telling them I need their help to make mommy and/or daddy happy! It's their special job! Or I tell them that whatever they do, they cannot smile! It is the perfect reverse psychology & almost always yields smiles & giggles. They just cannot contain them lol!! I'm also not above pure bribery & I always tell parents to bring non-messy snacks that their kiddo loves! These two did not need any bribes though & gave me plenty of smiles big & small!


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