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The Magdiks | Family Portrait Session | Travel Session | Sarasota, FL Family Photographer

I recently traveled to Sarasota, FL & had the privilege of photographing this wonderful family!! This session just overflowed my cup. This was the only 'mountain' in Sarasota, maybe even Florida lol. This is absolutely one of my favorite families ever. They are game for anything & just so chill & laid back. It made for such a fun evening. Travel sessions are now a fave of mine! I'll pretty much go anywhere so if you are down for documenting your fam while having fun on your vacay, give me a holler. We'll make it happen! Or if you just don't live in Minnesota but you'd love a session with me? Shoot me an email about how you can book your own travel session! I'll come to you wherever you are! Let's make some magic!


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