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The Turleys | Birth Story Session | Maple Grove, MN Birth Photographer

Photographing a birth is one of the most beautiful, amazing, emotional, & exhausting experiences ever. And I love it so!! There is something about it & I really can't put my finger on just one thing that makes it so wonderful. I love seeing the connection between mom & dad. Whether it's their first child or their 4th, there is an anxious anticipation in dad's face & mom is in her zone. Calm, breathing, allowing her body to work to bring her baby into her arms. The pure joy on dad's face as he sees his baby for the first time, the tears of happiness from mom as she embraces the tiny little body that she kept safe for 9 months. There is nothing like it. I feel beyond honored that my clients put capturing those precious moments in my hands. A birth story session is something I believe everyone should try to have if they can at least once.

So this beautiful birth story took place at Maple Grove Hospital in Maple Grove, MN. And I have to thank the wonderful staff there as they were all so awesome!! This was the Turley's 4th & last babe & it's safe to say, they were seasoned pros! Dad even got to help deliver which was so cool! Baby Nelu was born late afternoon & his big sisters & brother were excited to meet him later that evening. And just like that, their little family was complete!

Are you interested in having your birth story documented? Follow this link to get some frequently asked questions answered!! Here is a peek into what a birth story looks like!

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